1. What do I get thanks to Traseo tourist maps?

Most of all it is about access to countless number of trails and very accurate data. Tourist maps include even narrow paths, which is extremely helpful for lovers of travelling off the beaten tracks. You can still record tracks and reconstruct routes using the irreplaceable map than has been known so far from its paper edition.


2. What do I have to do to have access to tourist maps in the application?

In order to be able to use tourist maps in Traseo it is enough to have an active option of payment for Google Play or AppStore services on your smart phone. Purchase of a map is made like purchase of services in other applications. All you have to do is choose your purchase.

- for more information on payment in Google Play - Click

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3. What maps are available in the Traseo application?

We offer our users maps of popular parts of Europe that are attractive from the point of view of tourism and prepared by reputable publishers. We broaden our offer systematically and initiate cooperation with new map producers.


4. Where do I save my purchased maps?

iOS – in the smart phone memory. You can delete a map any time and download a previously purchased map once again.
Android – either in the external or internal memory depending on what has been chosen in the settings.


5. If I buy a map, do I have access to it on several devices?

iOS / Android – a map is purchased and linked to the AppStore and Google Play account.  You can use your map on several devices, if you are logged in to a single account. Note! A map is linked with the Traseo login. A map purchased in one shop is not available on another platform.


6. Can I purchase a map if I am not a registered Traseo user?

Yes, however a registered user has more options - downloading routes of other users and saving his/her own routes on the portal.


7. Can a map be turned around?

iOS – a map can be turned in any direction. However now the interface of the application is not adjusted to work horizontally.
Android – a screen rotates.


8. Are maps always oriented north-up?

iOS – maps can be oriented north-up, you can change the orientation manually or rotate a map automatically according to your compass.
Android – maps are oriented north-up by default, however one can rotate them.


9. Can I search for locations or mountain peaks visible on my maps?

Unfortunately Traseo does not offer such the possibility - geographical names are located directly on the background map.  However it is still possible to search for routes according to the standard key.


10. What happens when I delete a map?

A map can be deleted and reinstalled without limitations and additional costs, provided you are logged in to your AppStore / Google Play account.


11. What about an area that is not covered by a map?

iOS - a system map shall be available.
Android – OSM map, OSM off-line map and other Google maps appear on your screen.


12. Shall maps be available on Traseo.pl as well?

Purchased maps are available only in the mobile application.