Olsztyńskie Lakeland. North Part

Olsztyńskie Lakeland. North Part

Pojezierze Olsztyńskie. Część północna


The map depicts northern part of the Olsztyńskie Lakeland in northern Poland, part of the Iławskie Lakeland, the Mrągowskie Lakeland, and the Garb Lubawski. The hilly region full of lakes and forests is perfect for sailors, cyclists and hikers. Medieval Teutonic castles - e.g. in w Olsztyn, Reszel, Dobre Miasto, Morąg - are also great attractions in the area. The map range: Lubomino and Dobre Miasto to the north, Reszel and Sorkwity to the east, Olsztyn to the south and Morąg to the west.



Olsztyńskie Lakeland. North Part
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