Bieszczady - Bieszczady National Park

Bieszczady - Bieszczady National Park

Bieszczady - Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy


The map covers the area from Wola Michowska to Tarnawa Niżna and from “The Sack of Bieszczady” to Solina Lake. It includes all the polonynas: Wetlińska, Caryńska, Bukowska, Dźwinicka, Tarnica, Szeroki Wierch, Mała and Duża Rawka and the Jeleniowego Range (next to Muczne) with a newly built viewing tower. “The Sack of Bieszczady” is shown on a separate sheet.  All the trails and nature trails are shown here, with their lengths and walking times. Their lengths are given next to the cycling routes. In addition, all the information needed by tourists is marked on the map.


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Bieszczady - Bieszczady National Park
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