Little Carpathians, Červený Kameň

Little Carpathians, Červený Kameň

Malé Karpaty, Červený Kameň


The map presents part of mountain range north from Bratislava, with famous castle in Červený Kameň. The mountains are situated in Western Slovakia, covering the area from Bratislava to Nové Mesto nad Váhom, and northeastern Austria. The Little Carpathians are bordered by Záhorie Lowland in the west and the Danubian Lowland in the east. The Little Carpathians were declared a protected area under the name Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. The area is rich in flora and fauna diversity and contains numerous castles. The Little Carpathians are a popular tourist destination in the Western Slovakia and the mountains are used for hiking, cycling, tramping, backpacking, automobile and motorcycle tourism, skiing, cross-country skiing and other winter sports. The mountain range contains a dense network of trails and the recreational infrastructure is relatively well developed, especially in the south. The Little Carpathians are popular as a destination place for the inhabitants of Bratislava and other larger cities in the region. Since the Middle Ages, the area is known for its wines and wine-making traditions. Well known centers of local wine-making include Svätý Jur, Modra and Pezinok. Main tourist centers include the Slovak capital Bratislava, Pezinská Baba (halfway between Pezinok and Pernek) and Zochova chata (near Modra).

Published: 2016/2017


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Little Carpathians, Červený Kameň
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