Little Fatra, Choč Mountains

Little Fatra, Choč Mountains

Malá Fatra, Chočské vrchy


Malá Fatra is a mountain range in the north-west of Central Slovakia. The highest peak is Veľký Kriváň at 1,709 m. With many hiking trails and ski resorts the Malá Fatra range is one of the most popular tourist destination in Slovakia. The Dierový potok stream created a complex of canyons, waterfalls and cascades in that area. Šútovo Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Malá Fatra and has a vertical drop of 38 m. Popular centres for winter sports are Vrátna dolina and Štefanová. Other tourism centres are the villages of Terchová, where the Slovak national hero Juraj Jánošík was born and Zázrivá, where the traditional Slovak sheep cheese delicacy known as korbáčiky is made. One of the most popular ski areas in Slovakia outside the Tatras is the Martinské hole resort situated between the Veľká lúka Mountain and the town of Martin. The map also presents The Choč Mountains with the highest peak Veľký Choč at 1 611 metres above sea level. Veľký Choč is well-known because of a beautiful panoramic view spreading from the peak. Year: 2016 / 217.


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Little Fatra, Choč Mountains
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